Project Deal

Apart from such routine activities like sale & purchase, charter arrangement and post-fixture management, Jship, as its core business, is actively engaged in the "project" deal designed to implement a newbuilding program or secure a secondhand vessel against an appropriate hire commitment for a longer period. In promoting this business, Jship has been, and will be, involved from the very beginning of project startup in terms of both charter party and shipbuilding contract. Jship boasts a successful track record in concluding many project deals owing to great supports rendered by shipping related partners including shipowners, operators (charterers) and shipyards. While promoting the project deal, as mentioned above, Jship is routinely performing basic shipbrokering functions such as S&P and chartering.

Sales and Purchase (S&P)

We are doing both (1) Newbuilding and (2) Secondhand Vessel. (1)Newbuilding Jship is engaged in the straight newbuilding business as well, having contributed much to the implementation of many programs between our shipowner friends and various shipbuilders in Japan. Jship is not in a position to act as financier or main contractor and would be flexible to discuss the level of commission payment for a newbuilding contract depending on the then prevailing situations or conditions. (2)Secondhand Vessel Since its capacity of responding to the secondhand business on an open market is so far limited, Jship is rather concentrating on the private deals handling vessels entrusted by, or meeting requirements of, its closely-associated shipowners including the company's shareholders. In particular, several shipowners having certain equity stakes in Jship would grant it their exclusive authority in almost all cases. Jship has already done some secondhand buisinesses with several shipbrokers overseas offering vessels not put on the market or non-circulated requirements. In this respect, Jship welcome contacts from new foreign peers interested in a similar approach. If a vessel or requirement thus offered matches with its idea, Jship would certainly take up the offer and discuss with one of its owner friends for possible conclusion.


Because of the same capacity-wise reason for the secondhand business, Jship's chartering activities are currently centering on period hires with a relatively longer duration. Jship has hitherto fixed such charter deals with a number of first-class Japanese operators. While already tying up with some foreign charterers as well, Jship wants to further bolster such international relations. In fact, for a range of commercial vessels including, but not limited to, bulker, containership, pure car carrier, multipurpose vessel, reefer, chemical tanker, etc., Jship prepared to introduce its Japanese owners friends who are interested in building new ships or purchasing secondhand vessels once chartering conditions are met. Your advice of hire terms, required ship's specifications and so on would be always welcome. Opportunities also exist here for such arrangements like sublet from Jship's closely-related charterers acting as disponent owners, or shipowners having such vessels with hire contracts nearly expiring.

Other Services

Jship is engaged in the consultant business targeting shipping-related entities, thereby providing useful local information or opinions on a fee basis. Jship also has a rich experience of having arranging a lot of ship finances, and is prepared to introduce such foreign operators as capable of satisfying certain conditions, to Japanese financiers. Meanwhile, since Jship's office is conveniently located in Shinbashi, one of Tokyo's business centers, its shipowner friends are utilizing the same office as their virtual Tokyo branches.
Market Reports
We, Japan Shipping is issuing our Market Reports for New building, S&P, and Demolitions once a week. Please kindly find below Sample, and if you interest to receive our market reports on every week, please kindly contacts us anytime.
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